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Bliss Paws was founded by a Certified Canine Massage Therapist dedicated to improving the mental and physical health of dogs. Bliss Paws is about having fun, chilling out, and pampering our furry friends – plain and simple. It's about a passion for pups that goes beyond the regular kibble and helps promote their well being. It's about letting your dog have his day, and it's about living life to the fullest.

We offer your pooch a true taste of bliss with our high quality dog massage, currently servicing the Los Angeles County and Orange County in California. We’ve since grown to include the sale of products that makes it easier to supply your pooch with water wherever you go. By ensuring proper hydration during outings, you can help your dog avoid fatigue and get more out of life's adventures. Just like you, we like convenience. That’s why we like this handy, light-weight water bowl. Our eco-friendly collapsible travel bowls are mindfully designed for their quality and ease of use to promote a healthier lifestyle for your dog. You’ll wonder how you and your pet ever managed without them.