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The Need for Collapsible Pet Bowl

Just like their owners, modern dogs are frequently on the go. The traditional solution is to bring along a standard bowl, but fitting a bulky hunk of plastic or metal in your purse or carrying one with you is a pain. Another strategy is to leave it up to chance, relying on public facilities and even your own water bottle to help you out in a pinch.

The Bliss Paws Collapsible Travel Bowl offers a new solution for caring for your pup wherever you go. Within seconds, you can have it compact and ready to go, and it's so slim it can even fit in the most crowded of bags. When opened, the bowl can be used in different configurations, so you can give your dog food or water in the way that is easiest for both of you!

For feeding, the collapsible travel bowl's height helps keep the surrounding area neat. Even doggies that always slurp their dinner and rummage through their dry food won't cause a splattered mess, so when they're finished eating, the bowl is the only thing that you have to clean. Not only is the Bliss Paws Collapsible Travel Bowl ideal for traveling and for day trips, but it also can function as your everyday bowl at home. Its non-slip design won't scratch hard flooring the way traditional bowls can, and your dog can eat his supper without having to chase his bowl around the room!

Spend more time enjoying outings with your dog and less time stressing about the meals and drinks by bringing home the Bliss Paws Collapsible Pet Bowl, an affordable, durable dish for modern doggies.